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Pellet Stove Service is offered by Vintage Stove and fireplace, with our technical team we can often help fault find on the phone saving a service call which can get expensive. We are very familiar with many brands, so we are not limitied to the product we carry.

Every wood pellet stove requires regular maintenance and cleaning.  Owners should always consult their stove owner’s manual to review regular cleaning procedures and the frequency required based on usage. Failure to perform regular removal of ash will reduce the efficiency of the pellet stove to deliver heat to your home or room. If your stove goes too long without the required maintenance your stove may stop working or will not burn properly. Burning a dirty stove for extended periods of time can become a safety concern (fire hazard).

When using a wood pellet stove to heat your home or part of your home, it is extremely important that you keep it clean to ensure optimal heating as well as safe operation of the unit, and to maximize the life of the stove. Basic cleaning should usually be done as per owner’s manual and glass should be cleaned with a ceramic glass cleaner. A thorough service should be done at the end of each heating season. More frequent cleaning is required if you are using low quality pellets. Also at the end of heating season remove any unused wood pellets from the stove hopper at the end of the heating season to avoid stove corrosion or damage to stove from pellets swelling.

 It is best to clean your wood pellet stove when it is completely cooled. If you are cleaning when there is hot ash in the stove, the ash should not be removed from ash bucket until it is completely cooled. Use High quality pellets as lower grade can create more dirt and irregular sized pellets can cause auger jams resulting in service calls.


Vintage Stove and Fireplace offers annual pellet servicing which includes:

-Vacuum of debris, inspection of hopper, auger plate, pressure and/or latch switches, minor repairs as needed

-Vent sweeping - clean/vacuum ash from line rand exhaust pipes

- Inspection of auger

-Combustion and Convection Blowers: Clean, lubricate as needed

-Auger motor: clean and lubricate as needed

- Visual inspection of all electrical wiring, heat switches and vacuum sensors

-Cleaning of the entire fire chamber including: burn pot, fire walls, draft chambers,exhaust ports and heat exchangers

-Inspection of door seal and exhaust seals

-Cleaning of stove glass door

-Test electrical sensors and igniter for continuity and working order

-Startup of the stove to make sure all is working correctly

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