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The Supreme Series is our ultimate grilling system. With a total cooking surface of 692 square inches (Primary: 500 sq. in. Secondary: 192 sq. in.), the Supreme 700 is large enough to feed the extended family. It’s an ideal grill for those who appreciate the luxury of a full outdoor kitchen and living space. Made with high quality, 304 grade stainless steel, it combines luxurious aesthetic appeal with impressive grilling performance. The Supreme 700, available in built-in or cart provides the flexibility and grill size you want when grilling multi-course meals for large family gatherings.


Variable Grilling SurfaceVariable Grilling Surface

Jackson Grills’ Variable Grilling Surface allows you to cook small portion sizes such as vegetables or prawns on narrow spaced rods and larger pieces such as full size steaks or chicken breasts on widely spaced rods.

Flame Thrower Ignition System (Main Burners)

Flame Thrower Ignition System casts a flame across the side ports of the burner system for consistent, positive ignition. The igniter is well-concealed from grease and cooking debris to ensure longevity and performance.

Powerful Rotisserie Burner (Electronic Ignition)

The Supreme 700 Cart Model features our 15,000 BTU stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner. The rotisserie burner projects intense, radiant heat evenly through your meat to help you create perfectly browned, juice-filled roasts every time.

Sleek Seam-Welded Stainless Features

The Supreme 700 Cart Model features a one-piece seamless welded control panel, seam-welded exterior edges, curved stainless steel double walled hood and a simple, uniform closed-seam design. The result is a high-end polished surface that is easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

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Chilly Moose is the Canadian Cooler & Drinkwear company and we are thrilled to be carrying their full line of drinkwear and coolers.


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