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  • Contains storage for cooking surfaces, heat deflectors, rotisseries, spice, cleaning supplies, and more
  • Weatherproof dip coating on all surfaces
  • Includes a charcoal bin that can hold 20 lbs of charcoal
  • Table top prep surface made of polished stone
  • Will fit any Kamado Joe Classic series kamado

The Kamado Joe Modular Cart for Kamado Joe Classic series kamados provides a compact yet versatile option for any Classic kamado owner. This modular cart contains several compartments for storage. An internal storage specifically designed for cooking surfaces and heat deflectors. An additional large storage for spices, cleaning supplies, and other items. A charcoal bin.


1. Easy-roll stable design allows for easy, 1-person moving of the grill
2. Beautiful, large polished stone prep surface
3. Extra-large self-closing anti-slam drawer
4. Mesh rack under grill to store cooking surfaces and other messy items


1. Purpose-built cooking surface and heat deflectors storage
2. Additional large storage compartment for spices, cleaning supplies or additional accessories
3. “Stay Dry” charcoal bin holds 20lbs of charcoal
4. Rotisserie storage rack on the back of the cart


1. Locking wheels keep unit where you want it
2. Magnetic “stay closed” door
3. Weatherproof dip coating on all inside and outside surfaces
4. Durable, attractive powder coat finish


Kamado Joe warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year.

Refer to manufacturers manual for full warranty details.

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