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Over the years in history it was the practice of the Mennonite people to provide newlywed couples with a kitchen range, which in most cases was the center of the home. The stove was almost always given by the bride’s parents as a wedding gift. My oldest sister was planning on marriage and starting their own home. There simply was no cook stove on the market that Dad felt was suitable for her, so he said one morning, “well since we can’t buy what we need, we’ll simply set up shop and build one”, and we did. It was somewhat crude but it heated their home for years. These first stoves Were largely a copy of the well-liked Findlay oval. The fire boxes were not sealed, with the modern air-tight becoming more common as the cost of oil and gas made the idea of heating with wood attractive again. 

In the late 70’s we redesigned our stove adding bell drafts and gasket rope to the doors, greatly enhancing the performance of the stove. This model became known as the GEM. By the mid 80’s we got serious about designing our 2nd model and came out with the GEM-PAC. With this stove we introduced a new fire box design which has air jets that will help reburn the smoke, thus getting more heat out of your fuel and less pollution. This burn design is now used in all of our Models. Instead of building a stove that will tolerate creosote we chose to build our units as clean burners. Over the years we have added the flame view cook stove and the flame view heater to our product line, with both stoves having very large fireboxes, C/W glass door, cast grates and Ash pans for easy ash removal.

As with all active businesses the research and development needs to keep on. We are currently working on our next model which will sport some options that will be a first for cook stoves.

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