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If you want to heat your home in the most natural, environmentally friendly way, wood pellet stoves are a great option for any homeowner’s living space. By burning pellet fuel with a pellet stove, you are making a cost effective decision that is not only good for your wallet, but one that is also eco-friendly. There are a variety of highly efficient and beautifully designed wood pellet stoves, including options made of cast iron and steel. Browse through our product listings below to find the wood pellet stove heating product that works for you and your living space.

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At over 8,500 BTU’s/lb, enjoy the comfort that comes from the natural wood heat of Eastern Embers Premium Wood Pellets.

Burns hot, burns clean! 100% softwood wood pellet manufactured primarily from spruce sawdust in the Maritimes. Enjoy the consistent warmth and convenience from our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly premium wood pellet fuel.

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