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Diane McMasters (President/Owner)

Diane is the backbone of the business, she started with no formal education but her grade 12 from Amherst Regional High school. Originally Diane Allen, a mother of three children, Matthew McMasters (1983), Vanessa Hunter (1986) and Nicholas (1997). Diane had met Greg McMasters in 1981 and the rest is history. Diane originally started out at McDonalds in Amherst through high school. Her experience at McDonalds showed that she really liked business. With two children at the age of 18, life wasn’t always easy, but as a family her and Greg trudged ahead with great hope. In the early days Diane was home with the children a lot and picked up part time work for income for the family. As the children got older Diane and Greg both ended up working full time at Blue Mist Pewter. Here Diane worked her way up to Shipping Manager, where her interest for business grew. The day came when Blue Mist closed its doors and Diane was without a job. With Nick at home and Vanessa getting ready to graduate and go to university, what was she to do? Well she had a great idea, open a store selling stoves to go along with the company A-2 chimney sweeps and the rest is history.

Keith Hunter

Keith is the son in-law to Greg and Diane. He had met their daughter Vanessa in high school and they have been together ever since. After their son Matthew went away to the Navy, Keith took up the role with Greg. Keith loved to get dirty and had an interest in the technical end of things. After spending one week in college Keith decided it wasn’t for him and got a refund on his education and went full time with Vintage. As a young mind in the business and Keith’s interest in the technical side he quickly became a great asset to the company. Keith is now a Master WETT technician and has more knowledge than you would expect being in the business since 2001. There isn’t much out there that can stump Keith on the Pellet and Wood side of things.

Nathan Dolan

Nathan is originally from Amherst he worked for us many times as a seasonal worker he is a jack of all trades and is a huge asset to the company. He has a background in construction which benefits us having him on the installation and servicing side of things at our Amherst location. Nathan obtained a job with IMP Aerospace and had worked there a while until he got laid off. He recently just started back with Vintage with the company growing we were able to bring him back as a full time employee. With Nathan on board he is a large asset in our company.

Brittany Brown

The newest edition to the Vintage team in Truro’s office. Brittany just completed her Business Administration Program- Accounting at NSCC. Brittany is Diane’s spare hand in Truro and is a great addition to the team. Originally from Labrador, she has that great personality that fits right in with the family business. Brittany is the first hire outside of family and friends in the business and was a huge step in the right direction. When you call Truro chances are she will be the one answering, so bear with her as she learns the business in our busy Truro location.

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